Where to get Help with Debts

If you are in debt it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn for help. It might be that you want some advice on where to start to get out of debt or just someone to talk to so that you can talk to them about your problems without fear of being judged. There are places where you can find help.

It can be good to speak to a family member or a friend if you can. If you know someone that you know will listen and understand it could just help you to get the problem out in the open. Sometimes just being able to talk about it can help you move forward and start thinking of solutions. Just to voice the problem will make it more real to you and then you will be able to start thinking about what you need to do to resolve it. There may be some that have been in the situation themselves and be able to help you. Of course, you want to only tell people you trust will keep it themselves and that will not judge you negatively as a result of it.

You may feel that you would rather not talk to someone you know and that is perfectly understandable. There are free counselling services available where you may be able to talk to someone and that could help a lot or it might be better to go to a specialist debt agency. Either way you can use a free phone line or an email service online in order to help.
It is wise to go to the citizen’s advice bureau as they will be able to direct towards free help. They will put you in touch with someone that can help talk you through your finances and help you to work your way through paying it all back. It may seem very daunting to try to do this on your own, particularly if you are not good with figures and they will be able to help you.

If you are worried about finding help face to face then there are places online that you can go for help. There are many money advice websites out there which you could look at. The government run ones are probably the best place to start because they have useful and trusted information and links to reliable sources of information to help you. With these sites you will have to do the work yourself. You will have to be motivated to actually take the necessary steps rather than having someone else supporting you. Of course, in both situations the changes will have to come from you, but with the support from another person it could be easier. It does depend on your personality really.

It can also be wise to talk to the places that you owe the money. They may be able to help in some way as well. They may be able to organise a more affordable repayment plan for you or move your debt to an account with more competitive interest rates. It is worth talking to them as they will not make things worse and they could help. Lenders do want their money back and so if they can find a way to help you to repay, they will. They would rather it was repaid than if it was not.

In the end it is really yourself that you need to go to for help with your debts. You need to be prepared to make the lifestyle changes that will get you out of debt. You will need to spend a lot less money, earn more and put every spare penny into paying them off. It will be a daunting challenge and it may not feel like any fun, but once it is done you will feel fantastic. You will be so proud of yourself for making that commitment and sticking to it. It will take time too, but it will get easier the more you do it. You will form new habits with regards to spending and earning and you will find it is easier to pay off the debt once some is already paid off as your interest charges will go down so you will have more money freed up to pay off the outstanding amount.

So there are lots of possible places that you can go to get help with debt. It is worth considering each one and thinking about which will benefit you the most. You may choose all of the options or just pick one of them but you will need help and support along the way. It could be a long journey to being debt free, but many people have achieved it and so you can too, as long are you are prepared to change.

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